Luxfer Aluminum 80 Tank


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The Luxfer Aluminum 80 is great for recreational divers as well as technical divers.  Using it in a variety of configurations, it’s probably the most used tank in the world for diving applications.  The tank comes O2 Cleaned and with VIP Sticker**.  Current Hydro on all bottles unless advertised as older hydro.TANK COMES WITHOUT A VALVE**If you do not order a new valve, your VIP sticker will only be marked good for up to 40% O2.  If you are supplying your own valve, we do not know if it is O2 compatible or if it has been O2 cleaned, and therefore can NOT supply a VIP Sticker that says the combination is good for up to 100% O2 use.  If you have any questions on setting up your tank, please call us at the shop for advice. *Visual Sticker will not be shipped with tanks purchased without a valve

  • Luxfer Aluminum 80 tank. You can add a Thermo Valve below.Tank comes O2 Cleaned and with VIP Sticker. Current Hydro as well.Due to out of stock issues, you may be asked to be substituted to a Worthington Aluminum 80. This has the same characteristics as a


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